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Your hourly faucet rewards are random in each level. Your level is calculated based on the total wager you have played the games. The higher the level, the bigger the reward. Below is the faucet reward (up to) table by level

Total Wager

Maintaining an active account for a long time will bring you significant passive income.

You will get 50% bonus when the user spins the "free spins" and 0.4% of the total user wager.

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All bets placed on can be verified through provably fair. Players have the ability to prove and verify that their results are fair and unmanipulated. allow the public to see how outcomes are based on the gambler's input and a secret number that is disclosed and changed for the next rounds every hour for example.
This ensures the security to online gamblers to verify if the their's dice roll or card game.

1. Click the『Wallet』 button on the top page, copy the wallet address, or scan QR code for payment.

2. Send amount of Dogecoin you want to the deposit wallet address.

Your deposit will be credited after 1 confirmation of Dogecoin blockchain.
No minimum deposit amount, all your deposits will be credited to your account.

1. Click the『Wallet』 button on the top page, switch to withdraw tab.

2. Enter the Dogecoin wallet address and amount of Dogecoins you want to withdraw then press the "Withdraw" button..

The withdrawal will reach your withdraw wallet address after 1 confirmation of Dogecoin blockchain.
Minimum withdrawal is 15 DOGE.

Click on your avatar icon then select Transactions.

Or visit Transactions page.

You are allowed to register and use just one account. If you register more than one account, we will disable all your accounts!

No, you are not allowed to use VPS. We expect you to use this website from your personal device, if you use VPS, your payout request will be rejected and your account will be suspended.

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You can recover your password via Recover page.

1. Go to Referrals page to see your comission bonus.

2. Click Withdraw button then comisson bonus will be credited to your balance.

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